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​For well over a decade, LVL has assisted Canadian telco TELUS in broadening and strengthening its pay TV offering. Our exceptionally close working relationship with the company’s video services product development team has led to substantive product innovation.

Today, as TELUS takes control over the development of its custom client applications, we are helping bring to market new applications designed from the ground up for mobile, Apple TV, and operator-tier Android TV. What’s more, we’ve developed a long-term vision of how to best evolve the company’s video services in a way that transforms it from basic pay TV to a curated and personalized entertainment network. One that will super-aggregate not only managed broadcaster channels but also third-party services such as Netflix and DAZN, music, and advanced meta-data.

We are working to make it easy for customers to effortlessly find good content amidst tens of thousands of assets. With TELUS content managers, we are designing the content experience by working through the logic that brings relevant choices to the forefront. We are also enabling TELUS to better engage with its customers by “service designing” the customer journey to identify opportunities for improvement. These include onboarding, learning, in-app promotions, instrumentation and feedback systems. Prototyping and continual user research are guiding all new development.

To achieve this level of design support, we have fully integrated our processes with TELUS’ data-driven and dev-ops management programs and participate in the entire product life cycle – from inception through to launch, and beyond to iterative future versions.

Our long-standing relationship with the product development group means we have played a role in its platform evolution through iMagic, Minerva, Mediaroom, Echo Star, Media First, iOS, Apple TV and Android TV. Along the way, we have designed engaging apps such as TED Talks, Manage My Channels, Multiview and numerous others.

LVL is proud to consider TELUS a valued client and partner, enthusiastically supporting its continued business transformation.

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