Stingray Classica

A symphony for the eyes

Classica is a premium service for Classical music fans around the world. To be released in January 2019, it will deliver direct-to-consumer music streaming in a polished and elegant product interface for mobile, tablet, and TV.

This suite of apps is built using E2’s framework, allowing custom configuration to align with Classica’s brand experience; and integration with Stingray’s audio and data infrastructure. E2 Cloud Services will also allow Stingray to rapidly produce additional apps for other music properties including live concert videos and sing-along karaoke, in development for 2019.

With Classica, Stingray will be the first customer to use the E2 Operator Portal to manage the operation and the evolution of its user experience, advanced content merchandising and service packaging on mobile platforms, connected TVs and Android TVs.

Multiplatform SVOD app

Technologies: E2 Framework and Assets (Unity™-based), E2 Cloud Services, E2 Operator Portal


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