The Video Experience Platform

E2 is a cloud-based direct-to-consumer OTT platform that allows content publishers and service providers to reach, engage and grow their audiences on any platform


The Video Experience Platform

E2 is a cloud-based direct-to-consumer OTT platform that allows content publishers and service providers to reach, engage and grow their audiences on any platform

Designed and built with operation in mind

LVL’s E2 smart storefront platform for OTT deployments is designed around 3 pillars; Reach, Content Merchandising and UX Automation. 

Reach provides users with the ability to discover and consume their favorite content on any device. Content Merchandising allows the content programmer to curate storefronts. UX Automation provides timely and segmented subscriber campaign recommendations and captures user behaviour patterns to optimize subscriber personalized viewing.


E2 development framework leverages Unity™ to build, deploy and maintain client-facing apps on over 20 platforms supported including iOS, Android, Android TV (including Operator Tier + GTVS), tvOS, HTML, and Roku.

E2 delivers fully native applications for high-performance and platform-specific feature support. A single C# code base minimizes time to market, enabling porting within weeks, as opposed to rebuilding native apps from scratch.

E2 is a data-driven platform that is future-proofed and is machine-learning ready for the introduction of smart features.

E2 cloud services connect with 3rd-party services via an API for applications and platform integration such as: payment platforms, eCommerce frameworks, CDNs, scheduling systems, and subscription management systems. The API provides a level of automation to 3rd-party systems.

Subscriber discovery & viewing experience

Engaging viewing experiences start with an interface that features attractive and variegated storefronts made up of a wide choice of swim lane presentations – and end with a personalized product that learns and responds to an individual’s behaviours and preferences.

Some assets are large with oversized text overlays, while others are dense and structured. Content is easy to find and organize mentally. And featured content is unmistakably evident. Micro-interactions and animations create fluid sequences from discovery through consumption.

This viewing experience is responsive and adaptive, and is optimized for each form factor and device such as mobile, tablet, smart TV, Roku, Mediaroom TV, and gaming consoles.

A long subscriber life cycle is supported by features that accompany the user from first-time use to long-term engagement. Progressive learning, personalization of both content and interface based on behaviour, and user control over preferences all contribute to reducing subscriber churn and maximizing ARPU.

Content Merchandising

By using a terminology inspired by the retail industry, we are putting an emphasis on the commercial aspects of OTT and direct-to-consumer media services, empowering our customers with advanced tools to better package, price and optimize their content programming. In a nutshell, it is what audiences, wether end-users or subscribers are looking for. The best programming, available in the best experience possible. 

The E2 Management Console is a web-based product that allows service operator to manage storefronts configurations, preferences and handle everything relating to content merchandising. In addition to the usual content management, the operator can change the layout itself, and define rules to govern these changes automatically.

By organizing content into groups, arranging the groups on the screen, and promoting content through size and meta-data options, the operator can create effective layouts that are easy for users to quickly discover and start consuming.

By setting rules based on time of day, demographics, and user preferences, the operator can make storefronts ever more relevant to users. The right content at the right time.

Special bundle packaging and configuration scheduling features help operators maximize consumption and/or subscriber revenue by promoting content that people want, in highly visible configuration formats.

To create the storefront, the operator assembles smart configurable library components (Presets) such as swim lane configurations, slide shows, header banners, menus, video playback, and component behavior flow (asset transitions and sequences).

Key options and features include:

  • Global and local branding (for sponsorships or special events/configurations)
  • Large set of pre-configured swim lane components (Presets) for optimized storefronts
  • Unlimited number of layouts for different regions, demographic segments, subscriber groups, and configurations
  • Automation through scheduling and rule-based logic
  • Subscriber group creation & management for localized curation
  • Merchandising configuration creation, monitoring and testing (A/B)
  • Data tracking and subscriber behavior patterns for actionable insights and automated rule-based changes
  • Set and manage business KPI objectives
  • Automate storefront inventory

The operator has control over the content, the interface, and can use data to improve the user experience both manually or through rule-based automati

UX Automation

Automation for the user

E2 generates and captures user behaviour patterns to optimize personalized viewing and provides customer-actionable insights. Subscribers are provided with recommendation-based user content “reference experience” including viewing patterns, personalized graphics data feeds (sports, weather, new episode announcements).

Continuous engagement increases content consumption viewing based on where subscriber is in their viewing lifecycle. Subscriber lifecycle management includes smart personalized discovery and consumption and is based on subscriber consumption patterns. Subscribers do not see content until the appropriate time in their lifecycle viewing.

Data driven intelligence provides machine-learning opportunities for 3rd-party features sets, user auto auto-configuration and provides actionable insights to reduce subscriber churn and increase retention.

Automation for our customer

The E2 Management Console provides customers the subscriber lifestyle management timely and segmented subscriber push recommendations, creating upsell and customer retention tools. Storefront merchandise tools provide customers the tools required to successfully prepare, view and launch campaigns. Machine learning tools learn from subscriber viewing patterns & successful merchandising launches to automatically predict patterns for future promotions and campaigns.

Subscribers are automatically segmented into gender, demographic & geographic cohorts for campaign analytics analysis and future automatic campaign launches.

Rapid, affordable multiplatform development & deployment

A single build is all it takes to bring your product to life. E2’s unique single code base is the key to deploying your app to consumers’ devices of choice, almost instantly.

  • Seamless and simultaneous app porting to over 25 platforms

  • Dramatic reduction in design, development and operational cost

  • Rapid prototyping capabilities

Seamless integration with client back-end infrastructures

No need to reinvent the wheel. E2 connects to today’s leading back end systems, allowing you to secure the investments you’ve made in existing infrastructures.

  • A one-time integration is all that’s needed

  • Guaranteed compatibility with all major OSS/BSS environments

  • Eliminates the risk of workflow disruption

Features that set you apart

The customer journey is just as important as the quality of the content you produce or deliver. Impressing consumers every step of the way is vital.

  • Integrate special effects, 3D animations, smooth transitions into the experience

  • Create cutting-edge storefronts that ease and enrich content discovery

  • Offer interactive experiences that wildly exceed consumer expectations

Access to valuable consumer data

E2’s built-in behavioural feedback loops allow you to make informed decisions based on direct insight into consumer habits and preferences over time.

  • Lays down the building blocks for adaptable UI

  • Mitigates the risk of introducing new features

  • Builds loyalty and reduces churn

Rich video experiences synced to live TV and VOD content

With the E2 Production Console™, access tools that let you easily extend the storytelling experience beyond traditional viewing and continuously interact with your viewers.

  • Simple syncing to any cable provider’s broadcast schedule

  • Create and schedule polls, quizzes and contests that generate real-time results

  • Unveil exclusive content before, during and after every show or movie

  • Monetize Watch-Along experiences through calls-to-action, ads and sponsorships

  • Measure the impact of every interaction users have with your content

How it works