Four Reasons to Buy a SaaS OTT Video Platform

The OTT industry is booming. As more and more viewers shift away from linear TV, premium brands like Netflix, Amazon and Disney are battling it out for OTT supremacy. Meanwhile, in an effort to meet consumer expectations, smaller-scale content providers seem to be launching new OTT services daily. What was once a nascent market has now become saturated, forcing consumers to make critical purchasing decisions.

If you’re a niche or regional content provider, this isn’t news to you. You know you must monetize your content quickly to secure a share of the market. The question is, do you build an OTT platform in-house, or do you buy one?

Key Considerations

When it comes to launching an OTT video service, there are some important questions to ask yourself before committing to a build strategy:

  • How can you ensure a smooth integration of OTT backend services?

  • How can you effectively manage, analyze, and operate these services?

  • How can you support multiple form factors, devices, and optimizations?

  • How can your team monitor and maintain performance while addressing technological changes and advances?

The Benefits of Buying

Without the right technical expertise and video infrastructure, building a solution in-house is both costly and risky. However, buying a SaaS solution to drive the design, execution, launch, and operation of your OTT service not only mitigates risk and saves you both time and money; it also ensures that your platform meets evolving technological and operational requirements.

1. Effective Risk Mitigation

Deploying a large-scale video service involves quite a bit of risk, which is mostly dependent on the complexity of your solution as well as who you chose to manage it. Witnessing a platform in action before committing paints an accurate picture of what operating it would entail. What’s more, you can rest assured that your service is backed by a network of experts with much experience managing risk for businesses just like yours.

2. Shorter Time-to-Market

To remain competitive in this fast-paced industry, you need to launch a reliable OTT streaming service quickly. However, building a basic OTT app in-house takes at best six months. The timeline for a full-spec app could stretch to over a year.

Buying an existing platform speeds up your time to market dramatically. Remember, you’re plugging your content into a tried and tested framework. You can be up and running in as little as eight weeks.

3. Lower Opex & Capex

Building a video technology solution and ensuring its long-term operability requires significant investments in staffing and IT infrastructure. Salaries, hardware, and software expenses, as well as ongoing investments to keep these elements up to speed with an evolving industry, add up.

Buying a ready-made SaaS solution, on the other hand, costs less upfront and results in reduced lifetime operating costs. Forget about salaries, hardware, maintenance, etc. All you need to account for is the non-recurring engineering cost and your monthly subscription.

4. Continuous Product Evolution

A significant stressor in the digital media space concerns having the right resources to scale your platform as you grow and integrate enhancements that’ll ensure you remain competitive. Future-proofing an in-house solution requires the right kind of expertise – skilled personnel – which certainly does not come cheap.

A SaaS OTT provider; however, not only offers the right infrastructure and network; it also devotes time to evolving its platforms. From added end-point compatibility to merchandising and monetization advancements – a SaaS solution helps you maintain a competitive edge.

Numbers Speak Louder Than Words

Here’s snapshot of the costs of building versus buying a premium OTT solution that could deploy an app to 4 form factors (TV, Tablet, Mobile, Desktop) and 4 platforms (Android, iOS, Roku, Web):

As you can see, buying a SaaS platform is clearly the less expensive option, with the added benefits of demonstrated functionality, quicker deployment, expert support, and continuous future-proofing.

Now that we’ve outlined the benefits of choosing a SaaS solution to turn your OTT video aspirations into reality, it’s time you get familiar with our OTT Platform, E2. Learn more about our OTT solution or reach out to one of our experts for more information today!


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