National Geographic+

Exploring a universe of rich content through a unique discovery experience

As part of National Geographic’s global strategy to expand OTT service in Europe, Asia, and Africa, Fox International selected LVL as partner of choice to design, develop, and deploy a multiplatform SVOD application.

Leveraging E2’s form-factor-optimized components and framework, LVL delivered a content discovery catalog configured and branded to promote National Geographic’s regional headline-leading events and topics.

LVL’s design team supported National Geographic’s own award-winning team, rendering their vision into a polished and responsive product. The end result is an exciting and visually stunning content experience that gives users quick access to the brand’s breathtaking programming on mobile devices, connected TVs, and Android TV.

Multiplatform SVOD app

Technologies: E2 Framework and Assets (Unity™-based), E2 Cloud Services.


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