Introducing LVL’s Employee Spotlight!

A lot of things have changed at LVL since it was founded in 2003. But the one thing that has remained constant is the key role that our team members have played and continue to play in the growth and development of who we are as an organization.

Today, LVL introduces its Employee Spotlight initiative to get to know the faces behind the LVL brand. Jean-Francois Gagnon, President & Founder of LVL, shares his thoughts on the initiative and why it is important…

What is the purpose of shining a spotlight on our employees?

As our most important assets take the elevator everyday, we believe taking a moment to recognize their contribution is key to make them feel part of the team. There are great stories among our employees, stories that must be told. Stories that demonstrate the resilience some of our people have showed through challenging times, either personally or professionally. Others that speak to the quality and the results delivered and recognized by different professional organisations.

How do employees contribute to the success of LVL? What makes the contribution of each employee count?

Contributions come from following well established processes which are the result of nearly 15 years of trial and error. The team’s most valuable contribution is when they express disagreement or challenge the norm… This is when the evolution happens. Some people call it thinking out of the box, we call it self-expression.

How does employee engagement and recognition impact the overall workplace environment?

Engagement is the result of commitment. We celebrate everyone’s contribution to our company, day after day by counting on them to bring their best self to work. Our employees positively contribute when they are committed. Committed to their work, committed to their team and thus, committed to LVL. We support them by giving them challenges to grow, opportunities to measure themselves against the best in their field and last but not the least, by trusting them.

Stay tuned to meet and get to know our employees who are in the spotlight as they share their unique experiences at work and beyond!