Giving back to the community!

Every year we at LVL plan a summer party that involves us venturing out of town to enjoy a day or two of fun, music and games. This year, instead of choosing a theme and leaving the city, we decided that it would be important for us as a Montreal-based company to give back to the community. We thus chose to spend some time with the Dr. Julien Foundation! In their own words, the Dr. Julien Foundation “is a social enterprise whose mission is to enable every child from a vulnerable environment to have access to social pediatric care and services in the community to fully develop and improve their well-being”.

The Foundation needed help renovating a house that had recently been donated to them by the city of Montreal to make it a liveable space for the little ones. This was a great opportunity for the LVL team to put our various skills to the test. From painting and gardening to baking delicious treats for the kids, we spent our morning turning a house into a home. Although this “summer party” was quite different from the previous ones, we enjoyed working with the folks at the Foundation and, of course, with each other knowing that this activity would have a big impact on the lives of children who need and deserve better care.

Organizations like the Dr. Julien Foundation can always use more help. Visit their website if you would like to get involved.

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