LVL goes the extra mile for health!

It’s Week 1 of Capsana’s annual Health Challenge, a six-week event that invites Quebecers to take action for their health. LVL is proud to play its part, both by taking the Challenge ourselves and by contributing behind the scenes to create a better experience, year after year.

This is LVL’s second year of UX/UI collaboration with Capsana. Building on the success of year 1, we improved the layout with a cleaner composition, flatter design and responsive mobile-friendly attributes. And there is more interactivity and more visualization to spur motivation and friendly competitiveness amongst team members and other participants.

The challenge remains the same: do 30 minutes of physical activity, eat 5 portions of fruit or vegetables and take time for 1 mental break per day.

We can feel ourselves getting healthier by the minute. Take the Challenge yourself here!

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© 2003-2019 LVL Studio Inc. All rights reserved

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