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Presenting all the shades of Purple

Purple is where you build the story around your story. Specifically, the story your fans will experience, starting well before show time and lasting long after it is over. We may be evolved, but we still gather around the fire. The difference is that now the campfire is a newsfeed on a social media platform and the topic can be a piece of fiction.

Which is where an Interactive Storytelling Framework can help: it encourages interactions and nurturing these interactions helps create engagement with fans. And connect a brand with existing communities. In essence, we’ve built a set of tools that allow you to create, deploy and control those parts of a narrative that give fans more of what they love. Who doesn’t like having extra exposure to beloved characters or a fictional world?

But really, why should you bother? (Admit it, you didn’t think we’d go there.)

Firstly, more time with fans means more opportunities to get your message through. Whatever it may be.

Secondly, more content gives fans a deeper connection with your creation. If they know they can find more by coming back to you (through a second screen app, for example), they are more likely to comeback often.

And, obviously this also creates opportunities for sponsored content. We’ll let you think about that one for a minute.

So, why go with Purple?

It’s easy to use: so there’s no need to sacrifice members of your team in the name of an app, much less a whole user experience.

It’s scalable: getting more fans should never be a bad thing. Purple can meet your subscriber load requirements, no matter how massively big they are.

It’s easy to edit: Purple content tools make it a breeze to add content, create or change layouts.

It’s easy to control: Especially for live broadcasts, you have to be ahead of the show’s action, not playing catch up. Scheduling and live control make that easy.

Purple is the base for multiple applications

  • Purple API

    Build custom applications using the Purple API that leverages your data and structures, or have our Studio team do it for you.

  • Visual Program Guide

    Visual Program Guide is an aggregation application for interactive experiences, VOD content, and programming information for a channel or network.

  • Live Apps

    Live Apps deliver rich second-screen content synchronized to broadcast television.

How it works

The Purple platform is purpose-built for television, VOD content, and live events. It is a solid base on which to build those extra layers that turn a story into an experience.

It is a managed service, hosted in the cloud, providing the tools to create, schedule, and control interactive companion content. With automation integration, synchronization, manual inputs, and live event data, you drive the experiences.

Create the experience in the Purple CMS: build polls, quizzes, photo galleries, video (and more), using both responsive and adaptive design to support a broad set of devices, including web, iOS, Android, Smart TV platforms, and Mediaroom.

Once the Purple application is live, the wide array of Google analytics provides insight into the performance of the experience: who and where your audience is, what parts of the experience are the most compelling, and what devices are
most popular.