The Purple Watch-Along Engine

One of the major challenges facing today’s content publishers is finding the most innovative way to attract, engage and retain viewers. What if we told you that you could easily extend the storytelling experience beyond traditional viewing and continuously interact with your viewers?

We’d like to introduce you to Purple — our powerful Watch-Along Engine that provides the tools broadcasters, producers and marketers need to offer rich and addictive video experiences synced to live TV and VOD content, or integrated within OTT libraries.

An Extension of our E2 Platform

E2 is our rapid app development and delivery platform whose frameworks speed up the creation and deployment of robust video consumption applications. E2’s built-in extension to the Purple backend and content management system is what enables network operators and video publishers to deliver addictive consumption experiences to any viewer, on any device.

  • Seamless integration with all major platforms for quick and cost-effective app development and delivery
  • A customizable user interface providing unique, branded experiences
  • Simple syncing to any cable provider’s broadcast schedule
  • Access to valuable user insights

Find out more about the E2 Video Experience Platform.

An Intuitive Authoring & Scheduling Client

Boost engagement by giving viewers numerous chances to interact with your content as they watch. Whether within a live or VOD context; authoring, scheduling, managing and analyzing participation has never been easier!

  • Create and schedule polls, quizzes and contests that generate real-time results
  • Unveil exclusive content before, during and after every show or movie
  • Enhance key scenes with 3D animations, social CTAs and more
  • Measure the impact of every interaction users have with your content

An Innovative Monetization Tool

Maximize revenue potential by creating new advertising opportunities. Our Purple Watch-Along Engine provides all the tools you need to seamlessly monetize your content without taking away from the viewing experience.

  • Create and schedule sponsored ads integrated within a Watch-Along experience
  • Sponsor entire Watch-Along experiences
  • Embed dynamic or static ads within your app’s interface
  • Integrate sponsored call-to-actions on any screen

How it Works

Build custom applications using the Purple API that leverage your data and structures, or have our Studio team do it for you. Just because it doesn’t exist yet, doesn’t mean it can’t happen.