Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) brought SSEX to the “rez” for seasons three through five of the critically-acclaimed comedy/drama, Mohawk Girls. Second Screen EXperience, that is. Using LVL’s Purple platform, APTN launched its first digital watch-along experience, offering exclusive content released simultaneously with the live broadcast. Fans of the series can engage with quizzes, polls, video and photo galleries, and behind-the-scenes footage. The content is also available for replay in the VOD video section, running on tablets, mobiles and computer screens.

Fully “plugged in” to the social media campaign, developed by Innovate By Day, the watch-along experience lets fans follow the conversation on Facebook and Twitter, and post or share their fave moments right from within the interface. A collaboration with LVL, APTN, Innovate By Day and Rezolution Pictures.

For more information, visit the Mohawk Girls SSEX.

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