For the past 25 years, Capsana has dedicated itself entirely to the promotion of health and healthy life habits. One of its most well known campaigns is the Health Challenge, which millions of Canadians take part in each year. The six-week Challenge consists of eating five portions of fruits or vegetables, doing at least 30 minutes of exercise and taking one mental health break each day. The LVL team has been collaborating closely with Capsana to offer participants tools to help them carry out the Challenge and maintain their newly acquired healthy habits even afterwards.

LVL takes part in the creative process for the online component of the campaign and contributes to the development of friendly, attractive tools through its expertise in graphic design and user experience. We have worked, among other things, on the development of a responsive web application offering a tracking tool that allows participants to enter their daily results and view their progress through an interactive graph. The tool also makes it possible to see classifications by city and by team, and lets participants compare their scores and motivate each other.

A messaging tool makes it possible for team leaders to keep in contact with their teammates and send words of encouragement. The application grants access to numerous exercise videos, recipes, break-time suggestions and more.

An LVL, Capsana and Les Évadés collaboration.

To learn more, visit the Health Challenge website.

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