For its last season, 19-2 offers its legions of fans a brand new website. Beyond a design closer to the series’ on screen-graphics, the new website created by LVL gives viewers a fresh perspective on the daily lives of Precinct 19 officers.

This is achieved in part with the help of info-files detailing the reality of crimes or events depicted in each episode. For example, in the file about the season’s first episode, users watch a quick video to learn more about how real-life officers deal with AMBER alerts, or access data on missing children, shedding a very real light on the subject of the TV drama. The videos, presenting descriptions and testimonies from experts and from 19-2 crew-members (officers, psychologists, actors, director, etc.) show the importance of police work and give it a very human touch.

A contest was also created for the fans of the series. Beyond the coveted grand prize (a VIP viewing of the finale with the 19-2 crew), the contest helped content discovery and encouraged those who entered to share contents via social networks.

Visit the site (French only)

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