Purple Platform

LVL’s Purple is the only adaptable Watch-Along everywhere platform for Live and VOD participation, bringing all of your content to life! Purple has easy-to-use authoring and scheduling tools, as well as pre-built client applications that optimize and deliver your rich content across all devices and platforms. It allows you to extend storytelling beyond traditional viewing. This platform will give you the tools to engage, elevate and empower your users.

Watch-Along engine

Retain and grow your subscriber base! Deliver rich content, synced to broadcast television or integrated to OTT and VOD content. Build polls, quizzes, countdowns, photo & video galleries and more.

  • Social media windows promote chatter
  • Sponsor-branded content synced to ad segments, linking to e-commerce sites
  • Customizable user interface
  • Open API lets you develop features that set you apart
  • Supports all your cross-platform needs thanks to responsive and adaptive design and can be embedded into web sites and apps

Authoring client

Turn all of your shows into events by nurturing interactions with fans. Whether for a live experience or VOD, authoring, scheduling, managing and analyzing fan participation and response have never been so easy.

  • Pre/post show, episode, season, and series
  • Create polls, quizzes, quotes, tweets, and contests to keep fans’ attention
  • Time-code scheduling of synchronized content makes for an efficient workflow
  • Google analytics provide important insight
  • Interface branded to sponsor’s image

OTT-TVE clients

The Purple platform pulls all your network information into one attractive and TV-friendly application. Your subscribers can access VOD content, program guides and more.

  • Multi-platform with a consistent brand to give viewers a unique curated experience
  • Integrated with traffic and automation systems to maximize efficiency
  • Optimization engine to deliver content to each device type (web, mobile, tablet, TV)
  • Ready-to-use templates with layout options
  • Video playback (TV anywhere)

How it works

Build custom applications using the Purple API that leverages your data and structures, or have our Studio team do it for you. Just because it doesn’t exist yet, doesn’t mean it can’t happen.